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🏠 Our bakers are busy making Kringle to ship right to your front door! 🏠

Please allow additional time for delivery during these extraordinary times. 

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Hallmark Kringle T-Shirt

Please Note: Some sizes are limited, but will be replenished the first week in December and will ship at that time. 

Cozy up with our Hallmark Kringle shirt this holiday season! 

100% Cotton

All T-shirts are shipped USPS the following business day after ordering. Price includes shipping costs.

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Wisconsin T-Shirts-Green & Gold

Wisconsin T-Shirts-Green & Gold

Wisconsin Lingo Red T-shirt

Wisconsin Lingo Red T-shirt

Wisconsin Stick Sampler

Wisconsin Stick Sampler

Seasonal Favorite! $43.95
Kringle Travel Mug

Kringle Travel Mug

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Shipping & Handling not Included