What's a Kringle?

Racine Danish Kringles are not your ordinary pastry!

Our artisan bakers start by crafting the heart and soul of a Kringle; its flaky, traditional Danish dough.

It's hand folded over and over creating its signature 81 layers before resting for 3 days, developing delicate texture. Once ready, the dough is carefully filled with a generous amount of our hard-to-resist fillings, then hand shaped into a traditional oval. After being baked to a golden brown, Kringle is hand-iced creating a truly one of a kind, authentic Danish Kringle.

The "Official Wisconsin Pastry" was originally brought to Racine, Wisconsin in the late 1800's by Danish immigrants. The unique and delicious Kringle quickly became popular in Southeastern Wisconsin and while almond is the original time-honored filling, we're proud to call it just one of the 25+ delicious flavor options at Racine Danish Kringles.

Kringle Dough Kringle on Cooling Racks Signature Kringle Packaged Kringle