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Single-Serve Kringle with a checkmark surrounded by apples and raspberries.
Single-Serve Kringle with a checkmark surrounded by apples and raspberries.

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It's time to go back to school! Kringle is perfect for a lunchtime snack or to share with college friends! 

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Best Sellers

Everyone has a favorite. Which one is yours? Browse our most popular items below, or discover your new favorite Kringle.

Our most popular nut Kringle and all-time favorite! Our Pecan flavored kringle is filled with fancy pecans, brown sugar and cinnamon, and topped with our vanilla icing for the perfect blend of nuttiness and sweet.

Pecan Kringle

The original Kringle from way back when! Our Almond Kringle is one of our best-selling Kringles, year after year! In addition to its buttery rich pastry, it's topped with a smooth vanilla icing and toasted sliced almonds for a little nutty crunch.

Almond Kringle

Our most popular fruit flavor! Baked in a buttery crust, our Raspberry Kringle has a filling of slightly tart, handpicked raspberries which perfectly complements the sweetness of our vanilla icing. A not too sweet, not too tart treat for anyone and everyone to enjoy!

Raspberry Kringle

Want to make a sweet impression and give a gift that is sure to please everyone? &nbsp;Our two best selling flavors in one delightful gift box -&nbsp;<a href="/store/product/pecan-kringle">Pecan</a>&nbsp;and <a href="/store/product/raspberry-kringle">Raspberry</a>! Pecan Kringle is filled with fancy pecans, brown sugar and cinnamon while our Raspberry is baked in a buttery crust, and filled with slightly tart, handpicked raspberries. &nbsp;This is sure to be a favorite!&nbsp;

Fan Favorite

Made with Wisconsin Pride!

Kringle officially became Wisconsin’s State Pastry on June 30th, 2013. We are proud to be a part of Wisconsin’s heritage and to continue the tradition of baking Kringle in Racine, Wisconsin!

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Kringle Official State Pastry of Wisconsin Seal

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