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Product FAQs

How long do Kringles stay fresh?

Kringle will stay at its best for about 5 days at room temperature or six months in the freezer. If you don't plan on eating your Kringle Gift for a few days, put it in the freezer, and when ready thaw at room temperature for about an hour.

What is the size of a Kringle?

Large Oval, Mail-Order Kringles: 11" X 15", 22 oz. (net weight)

Mini-Ovals: 14 oz. (net weight) are slightly smaller than the 22 oz. They are sold in many midwest grocery stores.

Stick Kringles: 5.5" x 14.5", 10.5 oz. (net weight)

Single Serve: 4.5" x 6.5", 3.5 oz. (net weight)

How many servings are there in one Kringle?

Each 22 oz. Kringle can be cut into 10-14 slices that would be about an inch and a half wide.

How should I warm up a Kringle?

Kringle can be served warm or at room temperature. To warm a Kringle, place in the oven at 275 degrees for about 3-5 minutes, or in the microwave for about 7-10 seconds.

Are Kringles produced with nuts?

We do use peanuts and tree nuts in our facility. While we are very careful to clean the equipment between products, there is always a slight chance of cross contamination.

Do you have gluten free or sugar free Kringle?

We currently do not produce Kringles that are gluten free or sugar free.

Are your products Kosher?

All our products are Kosher-Dairy, and endorsed from Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin, who make periodic inspections of our facility in addition to our ingredients.

Can I come to your facility in Racine to purchase Kringle?

Absolutely! Our address is 2529 Golf Avenue, Racine, WI 53404. 

Do you guarantee your products?

We pay special attention to ensuring the product you receive in our highest standards. However, in the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied, let us know. We'll make it right.

Where else are your Kringles available?

Aldi, Piggly Wiggly, Metro Market, Sentry, Sendik's, Woodman's, Festival Foods, Pick N' Save, Meijers, Costco, Trig's, and more!

I want to send a Kringle of the Month Club, but my recipient is allergic to nuts. Can I substitute flavors?

We are happy to accommodate people with allergies and make substitutions.

Does Kringle need to be refrigerated or need to stay cold to be safe?

Kringle is a shelf stable bakery item, and its food safety will not be impacted by temperature. If you will not eat it right away we recommend you freeze it to keep it fresh - never refrigerate.